The Blockchain Association of Ireland

Bank of Ireland HQ March 15th 2017

The Blockchain Association of Ireland (BAI) is going from strength to strength with 2017 being something of a coming of age year for the technology. What began from humble beginnings in a small research group called Coding Value at University College Dublin, today The Association has a significant membership composed of a number of heavy hitters in the tech space. A meeting can have from thirty to over a hundred participants from diverse sectors and areas with expertise as likely to be from insurance professional to poets!

Ireland can boast some serious players and events in what is becoming a very exciting space.

BAI HQ March 15th 2017

In the year since its inception Bitcoin has tripled in price and Blockchain, the database technology underlying Bitcoin is attracting some very serious attention from cross-industry experts in diverse fields ranging from law to airplane leasing. Anything that can transacted may be a suitable candidate for Blockchain innovation.

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and the meetups which happen fortnightly in Dublin and are advertised on Discussions have included IBM’s Hyperledger project, Etherium and Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency; Beyond Bitcoin

Wednesday, May 17, 2017, 6:30 PM

The Digital Depot, The Digital Hub
he Digital Hub, Roe Lane, (off Thomas Street), D08 TCV4 Dublin, IE

58 Members Went

Cryptocurrency; Beyond BitcoinWith BTC and ETH trading at all time highs, we will take a dive into the, increasingly less murky, world of cryptocurrencies. We will discuss some of the reasons for BTC’s surging value, compare and contrast bitcoin and ether and explore some of the lesser-known alt-coins and ICO tokens that are finding niche uses….

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The BAI will host a stage at Tech Connect Live Conference May 31st 2017.